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Space is made up of sub-space entities

Saturday, February 19, 2005 1 comments

We are quite comfortable with the concept of matter having a atomic and subatomic structure - with particle physics - "as this science is called" - leading us into seemingly weird (to common sense) concepts.Ultimately all matter is constituted by "QUARKS" -which are the fundamental building blocks known to date - which like chimera cannot exist independently but only when they come together to form atomic particles.Should we not look at the possibility of space having a structure of its own.
Perhaps if we do discover it - lot of strangeness from material particle physics would get explained in more comprehensible theories.This is because material structure drama is played out in back drop of space - which if it has a structure not known to us - causes "browninan motion" like behaviour in material subatomic particles. Present particle physics ties itself into knots explaining such behavior.In fact one of the explanation of quantum mechanics is "Hidden Variables".

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