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My Hypothesis in Nut-Shell

Monday, February 21, 2005 1 comments

(Updated on 6th Nov'2005)
1. Space has a structure and is made up of massless sub-space entities moving at a speed of light.
2. There is no time or distance for such entities due to time and length dilation (as per Theory of Relativity) at such speeds.
3. Therefore Universe without any massive sub-space entity is just a lengthless and timeless singularity.
4. Action at a distance or violation of "cause-and-effect" linearity happens at this level due to absence of length and time.
5. When massless sub-space entities acquire mass by some process (Higg's Mechanism - exchange of speed for mass), the time and length sigularity is broken and the space explodes into a normal universe with perceivable distance and time.
6. Thus we the people with mass are sorrounded by space that is moving around us at speed of light.
7. Speed of Light as a fundamental constant and directional arrow of time flow is due to this movement of backcloth of space.
8. Distance and time are grainy and quantised.

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1 comments: to “ My Hypothesis in Nut-Shell so far...

  • Jaspal March 21, 2005 8:03 PM

    Perhaps this explains experience of near death (transformation back to massless)cases, who begin to see past, as they are changing to a state where whole space and time is a singularity. Peole returned from near death, express experience of something vast and feeling of being everywhere in present or past. Further, something moving at speed of light around us may be what we call Soul (suggesting there are countless souls), and another name of time-space singularity is God.

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