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Action at a Distance Explained

Saturday, February 19, 2005 0 comments

If we just try to look at the world from the point of view of a photon - lot of things like action at a distance etc become logical.
I donot know why scientist donot do that.
A photon (imagine you are piggyback on a photon) - is moving at a speed of light. As per Relativity there would be dilation of time and space as the speed of a object increases - this reaches infinite dilation at the speed of light - at which photon is travelling. This dilation is dilation of the measuring stick. Photon's measuring stick (a metre ruler) becomes infinitly dilated (long) - so even the whole universe to it looks like a water drop as per this measuring stick. Dilation of measuring stick leads to the whole world shrinking to a point as far as the photon is considered. Therefore two photons actually may be touching each other but for us humans thay appear to be distance apart since we donot suffer the space- dilation. What to us is action at a distance is only a action at handshaking distance for two photons.In fact same dilation in time can obliterate cause and effect sequencing for photonic phenomenon.

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