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Fish Eye Cosmos Revisited

Saturday, February 19, 2005 0 comments

You were with Girishoton, the photon, when our millions of light year sized universe shrunk to just a waterdrop size for him as a result of time dilation and dimensional shrinking at the speed of light.
To him it was just a drop of water. Imagine a bacteria in a drop of water. To us thats just a small drop - but to the bacteria its a complete universe. There are millions of bacteria's brothers - homo-bacterium should we say - in this drop. A small dust particle in the drop is a big mountain for them. The whole drop would appear to be a light-years sized thing for them. May be they have a complete social structure (- presided over by a President of their universe). May be they have their own theories of origin and future of their world. For us humans, this could be a sobering analogy - We and our Theories of Everything - My Foot or TOE. Think it over.

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