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Saturday, April 02, 2005 0 comments

If posts are the tons of milk - exerpts from these are like few pounds of cheese culled from that milk. These reflect the essence of what I am submitting for your consideration.

  • We are quite comfortable with the concept of matter having a atomic and subatomic structure - Should we not look at the possibility of space having a structure of its own.

  • All sub-space particles are in touch with each other in a time-less distance-less continuuam. All these sub-space particles form a whole space. All space only a singularity in time-space continuum.

  • What to us is action at a distance is only a action at handshaking distance for two photons. In fact same dilation in time can obliterate cause and effect sequencing for photonic phenomenon.

  • Questions beget answers.
    Answers beget Science.
    Science begets more questions.
    If you have some time for questions;
    Here are some questions about Time!

  • This flow of the backcloth of Space around us - is the fundamental yardstick of time.This flow also explains - why Time flows only in one direction.And this is the reason for the speed of light being a fundamental constant and the maximum speed achievable.

  • All that is sure is - this present instance of blink - rest of time - past or future is a creation of our mental circuits.

  • Would then any law be violated if a dead man rises from his grave, becomes younger by the day and ends up back in womb? ... Birth in reverse is another form of Death.

  • Nature is miserly and parsimonious. It creates or comes across a structure/construct. Then it applies it's same old structures/constructs to solve new challenges of creation again and again. It never discards anything that worked once.

  • Why Physics is in such doldrums that breakthroughs are now so few and far in-between? Why are its theories of frontiers of Physics so outlandish - as to get compared with mumbo-jumbo - 'Tao of Physics' ; 'Dance of Shiva' etc? Why has it come to such a pass? Has this to be so? Is there something fundamentally wrong?

  • When I get excited by Marilyn Monroe's swirling skirt on the cinema screen, my brain is pulling a really fast on me. I am fooled into believing the movements - while actually what is shown to me, is a sequence of still-photographs.The swirl of the skirt is a construct of my brain - not a reality.

  • See my Hypothesis also.

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