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Atom Is Full Of 'Empty'

Monday, April 18, 2005 3 comments

The surface of our Planet is predominantly covered with water. Only a minor portion is earth. We wrongly call this planet Earth. It should have been called water. Our Universe is similarly predominantly full of "Empty" Space. Should we not review our view of an Atom?
Even the portion of Planet covered by Earth, has lots of water - water bodies on the surface and underground.
Lets look at the scale of an Hydrogen Atom. If nucleus is taken to be the size of a football, lying at the center of the football field, the electron orbit would be at the periphery of this field. The whole of football-field would be full of space. Even if you look inside the nucleus, consisting of a proton - which in turn is made up of quarks - there would be lots of space inside it as well.
that's why, its said that "The Atom is full of Empty". Who said it? I don't readily recall.
Space so much fills up the atom, that make up the world, then the nomenclature of 'material world' is as flawed as calling our planet "Earth".
Are we right in considering the major component of Atom, as just an empty void?
There is too much evidence at hand, to consider the space, as an entity in its own right, as much as elementary particles, which are the building blocks of matter.

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3 comments: to “ Atom Is Full Of 'Empty' so far...

  • Jaspal April 19, 2005 11:58 PM

    In my comment on an earlier post, when I mentioned entities traveling at velocity of light, I was not just referring to photons. I was talking of all entities with this property, including those not measurable or identifiable through any physical process.

    Let us call such entities which we perceive as traveling at velocity of light, in state X. As Girish mentions, most of everything (atoms or larger spaces) is filled with emptiness, which is nothing but entities in state X.

    For entities in state X, as we tried to reason in earlier posts, time, space, distance and direction are a singularity. But for us with mass they are traveling at velocity of light.

    We cannot experience what they experience (as we can not travel at velocity of light). Same way, they (entities in state X) can not experience what we experience (i.e. the time).

    Taking an analogy, in a stream of a solution, soluble substance cannot experience the stream (as it is flowing with it). But if takes a crystal form and cannot flow with the stream any more, it will experience the stream. Same is the case, I believe, with time. Our time experience is just an experience of state X entities whizzing by us. Time passing by us is same as state X entities passing by us.

    Switching the context, I now also believe there is no gravitational attraction between bodies (Newton’s law). Neither does the space push objects (which feels like gravitational force) due to it stretching near the objects. I will write about it later.

  • Girish April 20, 2005 7:46 AM

    Hey, Hey Jaspal. you have got into the spirit of "Nothing". I will wait for yr gravitational explanation.

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