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Face in Shards Of Broken Mirror

Thursday, April 07, 2005 1 comments

We saw that the movements we see in the cinema, is actually a construct of our mind - while the film only contains static pictures. Is perception of passing time and its arrow, also a construct of our brain?
We have discussed that time could not be a continuous flowing stream, but occurs in smallest bits (quanta) - which could be as small, as either 10-43, or 10-32 seconds. Two occurrences of time quanta are not linked together.
Its perhaps our mind, which fills in the gaps and makes us feel that time runs continuously. Its this linking of two instances, of time quanta, by our brain - that makes us feel the arrow of time.
Therefore the smoothly flowing perception of time and its arrow, is a construct of our mind, it does not exist in reality.
Reality is like, my face that I see, among the scattered shards of broken mirror. What I see, is a collage of pieces of face, but I can still construct in my brain, an image of my face, passable enough for a shave.
Its our correlation with diurnal cycle of day and night, which gives us sanity of coordinating our perception of time, with that of others. We even have an inbuilt, body clock based on this cycle. This body clock becomes disfunctional, in absence of sun's rays. In a dark dungeon, body clock will loose its function, and our sense of time elapsed would be different from those outside.
Experiments show, that animals like dogs, do not have a sense of elapse of time. Is this faculty peculiar to Humans?
What happens in-between two quantas of time?

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  • Jaspal April 10, 2005 10:53 AM

    Time Unidirectional - Explained

    It is quite conceivable that continuity of events we recognize and experience, are large number of connected still images just like a movie. These images are perhaps stored in our brain like data on a computer disk. Reviewing these images connected together in our brain creates a sense of time for us. Dogs and other creatures may not have sense of time, but they are still effected by time. Other lifeless things are also effected by time, although they may not have any means to register or experience it.

    Anything not travelling at velocity of light, living or non-living, is sorrounded by time. Whether they can experience it is a different matter.

    Time is standstill for massless entities travelling at velocity. For them direction or distance also does not make any sense.

    For entities with mass, the fact of not travelling at velocity of light creates what we call, and experience as, time. In a way we can say, anything with mass (and thereby not travelling at velocity of light) experiences massless things travelling at velocity of light around them, as the flow of time. To experience time one has to have mass.

    This also explains that there is only one way to experience time.

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