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Wind For The Kite

Saturday, April 02, 2005 1 comments

(Updated on 6th Nov'2005)
Sometimes, when I am too busy, I donot feel like adding new posts to my blogs - which needs lot of hard work. At such times, words of encouragement from the visitors are like favourable wind for the Kite -- Keeps me flying.

  • cyberkit: very profound and thought provoking. Thanks Girish for your insight into the world.

  • Shilpa Nair: Eureka..!!Finally, I know now that its not crazy to think of things that aint there..Skippety skip..Hoppity hop..n the worlds much more interesting...!!!

  • Sagar Bhatnagar: I love the flow of thought. The analysis is easily understood and is cogent.... I like the color scheme- it makes it readable and is lot easy on the eyes.

  • Anand Karat: WoW!! impressive site Sir!!

  • AĆ°va Tatil ve Turizm Rehberi: Nice site, I have bookmarked your site yet and I will come back again ! You have a gratest site!

  • Catalyst4Christ: Wanna find out the TRUTH? God bless.

  • Tulsidas Sukhija: Gr8 to see your achievements and your interests.

  • Alok Bhatnagar: ..I found your discussion of space and matter quite intriguing.

  • Mike Driver: what makes the bell ring? ..no-thing.

  • John Kanelous: ..both of us have dreamt about space and the creation of the universe. Aside from life itself, this is the ultimate mystery.

  • Frank Rizzo: Sweet site! Keep up the awesome job!!

  • R.K. Govindan: I am really impressed by your site!

  • Rajandeep Kalair: This web rocks.

  • Usman Bello: Clearly a lot of work went into your site and you should be very proud of your efforts. Very nicely done.

  • Marlah Carey: Interesting information you have...

  • Mark Watson: Congratulations on the new layout. Keep it up to date as a celebrity...

  • Alex Mayers: ..but anyway, nice job.

  • James Beckett: ..really good one, but I would stick more with updating and fresh data.

  • Mark Rezyka: Your argument that we must interfere with particle's momentum when measuring the position or vice versa is patently wrong. We can oftenmeasure where a particle is by measuring where it is not. (I think Mark did catch me off the Mark - Girish)

  • Anonymous: Yes Sir, you need to do nothing because nothing matters.

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