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Question Time

Saturday, March 19, 2005 0 comments

Questions beget answers.
Answers beget Science.
Science begets more questions.
If you have some time for questions;
Here are some questions about Time!

  • Is there an Absolute Time somewhere or all time is relative?

  • Is there an origin and end; or is it cyclic - eating its own tail?

  • Is it local if its not Absolute; or is it universal if its not relative?

  • Is it continuous or discrete?

  • Is there an arrow of time?

  • Can simultaneity be measured?

  • Is there a quanta or particle associated with it?

  • If its discrete - what is the least count of time?

  • How is time related to space or distance?

  • How is time related to matter?

  • Gravity or Mass causes curvature of Space-time - does it affect time also?

  • Mass gets converted to energy on destruction. If mass and time are related - what happens to time - when mass is destroyed?

  • Can energy distort Time. Can any Field affect Time?

  • If its relative then can 'cause and effect' get violated?

  • What is the relation between 'Cause and Effect" and the above question on Time?

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