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Extra Length for Extra Pleasure

Friday, March 25, 2005 2 comments

No! No! This was just an Advertisement for 'King Size' cigarettes, when these were introduced in '60s. But how do you measure the extra length (that extra pleasure)of king-size, over standard?

By comparison - put one end lined up and then measure the extra length by again lining up the zero of a scale. Or measure both separately by lining up one end with zero of scale.
This lining up is the crux of all measurements - whether its length or time. In time this lining up amounts to determining initial and final simultaneity.
This is one of the dilemmas of all scientific measurements. Simultaneity itself requires some indirect time interval assessment. Measurement of cigarettes also fudges this lining up - either by eye estimation or standing them on a flat surface - both of which require judgement of lengths itself. That's called begging the question in Science?
Ultimately upfront or hidden - we use our mental judgments - vision, ear or touch for this lining-up.
On a Quantum level at the smallest end, and Cosmological level at the other extreme, this lining up and simultaneity create immense problems - since our mental faculties fail on both these levels.
C U till next post!!

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2 comments: to “ Extra Length for Extra Pleasure so far...

  • Jaspal March 25, 2005 9:33 PM

    Simultaneity of of any event in time at points at a distance, is actually dependent on who measures it. Simultaneity can also be considered as travelling at velocity of light we postulate used by massless entities.

    Consider a photon leaving the Sun towards a journey to earth. As soon as this photon leaves an event is created with a label 'just left'. This label travels at same velocity as the photon. Halfway to to earth, photon checks at the label which is next to it, and reads 'just left'. So for the photon, it has just left even though it is half way to earth. When it reaches earth, even though for us at earth it has been more than eight minuts, label next to the photon, reads 'just left'. So as far as this photon is concerned it reached earth in no time. That photon, or anything massless having property of travelling at velocity of light, can be anywhere within no time, meaning that they can be everywhere at the same time. For them, time, past, present of future, and the whole universe is a Singularity.

    From this I conclude that when we die and take massless form (or soul), we can be everywhere in a no time. Eventhough we, massed objects, can be only at one point in time, the present,
    these massless things (including souls) can be anywhere in time, past, present, or future, anytime.

    May be only some realize this when they are still alive. Several years ago, a group of people in Texas committed mass suicide with a plan to be at some exciting galaxy the next day. They all had a nice dinner together, went to a nice bungalow, dressed nicely, happily ate something fatal and
    went to sleep. For us, next day they were all dead. But only they know if they were where they planned to be. If the relativity theory mentioned above makes sense, then may be where wanted to be, and are happy. If that is true I should not be worried of death, as then, I can quickly be in 1979, at our Gholwad Beach visit, and see us enjoying with our kids playing next to us, or be in 1972 at 6/2 in
    Dadar as a Probationer, or anywhere else I wanted. Wouldn't that be better.

    Just a comment.

  • Girish March 25, 2005 10:15 PM

    A very clever proof of my hypothesis that photons and other massless particles travelling at speed of light experience timelessness and distancelessness.But I wd not apply the hypothesis to spirtual level.
    You have touched the topic I had reserved for the next post - simultaneity at a distance.

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