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Number of Dimensions arise Naturally in String Theory, but not so in Standard Model

Friday, August 08, 2008 1 comments

Round 4: Dimensions Galore

Quantum Field Theories (as epitomised by Standard Model), use 4-dimensional space-time, rather 3-D space and unidirectional Time. Number of dimensions in this theory are actually 'filled-in by pen' as the initial fact of universe. Ironically the 4-D space-time is an a-priory borrowed by Standard Model from Einstein's General Theory Of Gravity - a theory which Standard Model fails to encompass within its structure of other three Forces. Therefore space-time and its dimensions are external factors for such theories.

On the other hand the number of dimensions in string theory arise out of the formulation of string-theory itself. The 10 dimensions arise out of the fact that string theory mathematics show that its only with these many dimensions the theory would work. This is a more satisfying and complete situations as compared to assuming the dimensions a-priory as in Standard Model.
This round also therefore goes to String theory. The score-card thus far is 3-1 in favour of String Theory.
But I have a fundamental objection to space hogging 3 dimensions. I would therefore break from this String Theory vs Standard Model slug-fest and revert to this aspect in next post, with your indulgence please!!

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1 comments: to “ Number of Dimensions arise Naturally in String Theory, but not so in Standard Model so far...

  • Anonymous September 02, 2008 11:16 AM

    A string is not a physical object. I am sure some scientists do their work based on this physical form, and that may be why it is hard to understand this completly. But it is a tone, it is music. Focus on that, and you will find out the truth about the string theory.

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