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Who Bankrolled The Big Bang

Thursday, October 06, 2005 3 comments

Big Bang is the accepted theory of cosmological origin of our universe.  How could a very small singularity in space time generate a whole universe?   Why is there only matter without much anti-matter in our universe? One explanation is that the Big-Bang singularity created two different universes - one of matter (that we are part of) and another matching one of anti-matter.   Thus a pair-production out of energy of photons/bosons would have taken place.
Discounting that such a anti-matter universe has not been detected (nor seriously sought out), from where did so much energy come for whole mass of two universe to be created.   How could such huge energy be concentrated in a small area?  Theoretically, what is the maximum energy density possible?
  Big-Bang is good theory and has excellent fit with the observations, but the big question is who bankrolled the energy of this big-bang?

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3 comments: to “ Who Bankrolled The Big Bang so far...

  • Jaspal October 11, 2005 1:44 AM

    We have perception of this vast universe relative to how we experience our sorroundings in time-space domain. We can say, this vast universe is just a dot, and we are a yet smaller entity within it. Anything within this dot of universe can happen without much energy.

  • Girish October 11, 2005 5:25 PM

    Thanks and welcome back Jaspal!
    I am just listing, one by one, various lacunae in theories of physics that tie up with my hunch about space itself being a building block for all matter. This one is also one of that. At some later date I would consolidate these to see what emerges out of all such lacunae put together.
    Relatively speaking, our universe and us, could be perceived, from some point of view, as too small. The nuclear length building block (quanta) appears to be of the order of planck's length at 10**(-32)mm. We can persume that same length building block apllies throughout in all universes.
    As compared to this we and the universe is quite large.
    Moreover this smallness of size is never invoked to explain any physical phenomenon. So why should we use it here.
    Since Big-Bang is a good-fit theory, we will have to discover the source of energy for creation of the universe.

  • ele19 September 08, 2006 8:22 AM

    I've learned the big bang theory since I was a grader. Sometimes though it conflicts to christians beliefs. Remember Genesis? God created the universe etc.?

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