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Elephant = Monkey X Chimpanzee Squared

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 0 comments

Just because energy and mass are equivalent as per Einstein's famous formula E = mc2, it does not mean that a transformation of a Hippopotamus (or one monkey and a chimpanzee) into an elephant is possible.   The mechanism of transformation (biological, chemical and physical) must also be scientifically correct.   It should not violate other laws of Physics including the law of entropy. I think, because of the famed equation, scientists are lulled into mute acceptance of the bizarre phenomenon of pair-production and pair-annihilation.
Pair production is emergence of say an electron and positron out of the energy of a photon.  Pair annihilation is reverse of this.  This is true of any particle anti-particle pair.
For these phenomenon to be explained the mechanism of transformation has also to be understood.
What about the laws of physics being followed, including the law of increasing entropy (second law of Thermodynamics).   Pair-production immensely decreases entropy - thus violating this law.
Moreover as argued in my earlier posts, only those particles that have an internal structure can transform into one another.   Or else the two particles on either side of transformation must actually be same with only difference in charge-flavour.   We cant have a fundamental particle just disappearing and have another entirely unrelated fundamental particle(s) in its place - even if conservation of mass/energy is not violated.
In pair-production or annihilation, either the electrons (and positron) must be having same constituent entities as the photon.   Or photon and electron must be same particle but with different charge-flavours.
Such particle transformations is a very serious blind-spot in present standard-model. What do you think, please leave a comment?

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