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The Old Classical-Mechanic Bottle

Sunday, January 22, 2006 0 comments

It has been long since I wrote. Ironically the last post was - "Updates Keep You Happy". This pause caused by other problems, gave me time to ponder - Am I going nuts on my hypothesis. Sometimes we make castles over wrong foundations and these can come crashing down at the first whiff of introspection. Life is too short and I am at the short end of it at 55. It would be pathetic if after years of study and research it turns out to be a wild goose chase.
I do realize that although the questions that I posit are genuine. The hypothesis is also within realms of possibility. This model building in physics is most fascinating but too conjectural.
I realize that the hypothesis I give is too much coloured with classical-mechanics. So I have decided to look inwards for inspiration and fit the genuine questions into new bottles - rather than in old classical-mechanics bottle.
Hope I do not disappoint my readers.

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